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Auto Alarms and Security in LA and the Inland Empire, CA

Code Alarm - Auto accessories in Ontario, CA
Secure Car Alarms & Ignition Interlock Devices
Prevent access to your vehicle with car alarms and Breathalyzer ignition interlock devices from Auto Image Plus in Ontario, California. We never cut corners when it comes to the safety of your vehicle. Our company specializes in working with Viper™ systems, the world leader in next-generation vehicle security.

Auto Alarms & Security Systems

Protect your investment with a top-of-the-line automotive security system. Your car alarm is vital for the security of your car and its contents, so we make sure to install your system right from the start. We also help you choose the right alarm to match your needs and fit your car, truck, or SUV. We also offer remote starters.
Breathalizer interlock for vehicles - Auto accessories in Ontario, CA

Breathalyzer Interlock

If you have been court-ordered to install a Breathalyzer interlock device in your vehicle, we've got you covered. We are an authorized dealer, installer, and recalibration center for Instant Interlock™ straight-blow interlock devices. We have also been authorized by the California DMV as a Breathalyzer service center.

Benefits Include:

  • Straight Blow
  • No Humming Needed
  • Dual Fuel Cell
  • No More False Positives
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